The Third Planet Universe is ever-expanding and this is just the beginning.

Our artist is working on the first edition of the Third Planet Labs graphic novel, with plans to expand as our universe does!  Join us on the adventure and see what else we have in store.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at our next collection, Third Planet Gnomes!

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Everything is chaos as usual in The Lab, and Dr. Atarazy has been scheming. With the help of his lab assistant, Prof. Panzee, he has devised a way to reach into other dimensions and pluck himself out. It is still a mystery why the Dr. is collecting his alternate dimension “doppelgangers” but a sinister plan seems to be afoot.

Uh Oh! Something has malfunctioned with the transportation chamber. Interdimensional hitchhikers have hijacked the signal and the machine doesn’t know what to do with them. The aliens seem to be merging with the “doppelgangers” and the creatures coming out of the chamber are nothing short of absurd.

Now, the lab is overrun with these abominations of science, and Dr. Atarazy is reaching out for help.  You can join our cause by getting these aliens out of The Lab and into the metaverse. Despite the chaos, there has been some success and the original 14 doppelgangers are available to mint. If you’re one of the lucky minters, not only will you be the owner of one of our rarest NFTs, you will be sent one of the first Third Planet Gnomes NFTs for Free.

Third Planet Gnomes will be our second collection but definitely not our last. The Third Planet Universe is riddled with fun and unique characters that can’t wait to enter the metaverse. The NFTs are just a small part of the project. If we want our story to reach the world, we need get people’s attention outside of the metaverse. A graphic novel is already underway, and merchandise is available on Amazon. With your help, there is no end to where we can take this!


  • Follow us on Twitter for a chance to mint a TPA for free.
  • Prearranged withholding of 30+ NFTs for contests and giveaways to be held pre and post-mint.
  • Merch is available in the store.
  • The big reveal! Uncover your new Third Planets Aliens NFT. Preview the collection at đź‘€
  • Lab unlocked! Join us in the Lab to collab on how to manage the chaos brought on by our new Third Planet Aliens.
  • There is much more to the mystery behind Dr. Atarazy and Prof. Panzee’s sinister plans with their DIY inter-dimensional transportation chamber. Full story is to be revealed as a graphic novel. That is only the beginning. We think our story would make a great animated series or film. By being part of the Lab, you will help decide.
  • Our next collection, Third Planet Gnomes, will be releasing next!


Doctor Atarazy

Cofounder/ Lead Dev

Las Vegas, NV

Prof. Panzee

Cofounder/ Artist

Dayton, OH

Ambassador Kaz

Social Media/ Marketing

Chicago, IL


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Shout out to Tim Cook and GDPR for taking steps toward protecting our data and online privacy, we are moving to web 3.0 so we got it from here.